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Webs may not have the name recognition of other larger website builders, but it’s actually been in business since 2001 and has helped people create more than 50,000,000 websites. After so many years in business, Webs has developed some really helpful features to offer its customers, including fully mobile ready websites, good support options that include live chat and telephone support, and 729 templates from which to choose. Additionally, Webs has developed an editing interface that makes the process of designing and developing your website quite easy.

Another thing that works in Webs’ favor is its pricing options. There is a free account that is quite basic, but even its least expensive paid plan, which is $5.99/month, gets features like membership page options, a custom domain name, and an unlimited number of pages. E-commerce solutions are available as well, for as little at $12.99/month. At that price point and up, you also get email addresses that match your custom domain name for a highly professional look.

And while these positives are nice, there are still some areas in which Webs is lacking. For starters, some of their tools just don’t offer a lot of options, particularly the blogging platform. There is also no way to download your site, should you decide to work with another website builder or decide to tackle website building on your own. And while there are many templates available, most just aren’t all that visually appealing. What’s more, although there are a good number of templates for marketing, medical, restaurant, and education purposes, there seems to be a complete lack of templates for people that need an online portfolio.

So, Webs has many excellent features, with a few that fall flat as well, making it a decent website builder that will certainly meet the needs of some while missing the mark with other website builder customers.

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