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C2Editor is an interesting choice for people that want to build a website for several reasons. First, users can access C2Editor for free. The free plan includes many features, including unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, and unlimited pages. Free users can use their own domain and are given standard support measures, which includes email and chat-based help, but oddly, does not include an online knowledge base. Free sites built with C2Editor also benefit from being mobile responsive, and the editing interface is mobile responsive as well, meaning you can edit on the go on any device.

Secondly, C2Editor gives you complete access to the source code, so if you know how to manipulate CSS, HTML, and other types of code, you can do virtually whatever you want. Add Google Analytics, HubSpot, a CRM, or any other third-party services you desire. C2Editor’s flexibility is seen in the templates as well – choose from one of six templates offered by C2Editor, or upload a template from elsewhere, which essentially gives you an infinite number of templates from which to choose. You can even use C2Editor to edit your existing website. All you have to do is add tags to the site markup to make everything on your site editable in the C2Editor platform. That’s a feature that is incredibly handy and incredibly rare. You can even sync your C2Editor files with DropBox so you can export your code to do with as you please.

Lastly, if that’s not enough features for you, the Pro Plan, which is $12/month, adds priority support, a blog, and gives you a 10% work discount. The work discount refers to the custom work that C2Editor offers. If there’s something you want or need on your site that you can’t build yourself, just send C2Editor a message, and they will respond with either an answer for how to get what you want or they will quote you a price for creating it.

As awesome as the above features are, there are some things missing. C2Editor doesn’t have a native e-commerce solution, although since it’s structure is so flexible you can certainly add one. The problem with that is that it requires knowledge of coding, which a lot of website builder customers do not have. Additionally, blogging is only available on the pro plan, and curiously, the C2Editor website labels the blog as a feature that is “coming soon” as of 2014. Email services are also not included as part of C2Editor.

The worst part is the editor, which is a shame given the many neat features listed above. The editor has precious few options, and apart from working great on the template’s homepage, it offer absolutely no functionalities otherwise. In fact, the editor disappears when you try to edit any of the other pages on the site, including ones you create.

The result of all this is a website builder that, on the one hand, is revolutionary and allows you to have an incredible amount of flexibility and control over your website, assuming you can figure out how to get that control in the first place. Great features like unlimited bandwidth and storage make the free plan are attractive too. However, if you aren’t a coding genius, you can’t harness all the power of the platform, and the fact that a blog, e-commerce, and email aren’t included is a definite con.

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