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CityMax is a fairly old website builder that is definitely showing its age. It offers 99 templates to get users started building their website. Although the templates are parceled out into various categories, the templates are all essentially the same but with different graphics, colors, and fonts. As a result, templates don’t really exist for niche websites, like medical applications, education, and landing pages. There are a few restaurant and portfolio options, but they aren’t anything special. Actually, the templates are dated and lack many modern functionalities, like being automatically responsive. You can override the default setting on your website such that it becomes responsive, but it’s a rather long, drawn-out process.

CityMax users cannot download their websites at this time, and whether or not that’s a feature that will ever be offered is unclear. However, users do get access to email, and CityMax does have an extensive knowledge base in case you run into problems in the website building process. The support tools for ecommerce are quite excellent, as are the SEO tools. But the pricing – there is only one plan at $24.98/month – is quite steep given what you get for the money.

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