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Weebly is one of the top-of-the-line website builders available today. Although there are only a few dozen templates in their collection, each is well-designed and modern and provides a solid foundation upon which you can build a customized website. Templates are responsive, and the editor is easy to use and intuitive, making the website creation process quick and simple. There are templates for many popular needs, including restaurants, portfolios, and e-commerce, but other popular types, namely education, medical, and marketing, seem to be lacking.

In terms of price, it’s tough to beat Weebly. With packages that start at free and range up to $25/month, there are a variety of options to fit any pocketbook. Even the top-end Business plan is a good deal and is far less expensive than comparable plans on other website builders. Weebly’s mid-range packages are a steal as well, with the Starter plan a good choice at just $8/month and with e-commerce capabilities built right in.

One of Weebly’s best features is the support options provided to their users. Even users that select the free plan get email and chat support, a feature that some other website builders don’t even offer on their premium plans. Users also have access to extensive online materials, including a large knowledge base and FAQs. Weebly subscribers that opt for the Pro or Business plan also get phone-based support, which is a fantastic perk that not many website builders offer.

Other features on Weebly are provided by third parties. You can get email with your domain that’s provided by Google. There are dozens and dozens of third party apps available for Weebly users as well. Add calendars or forms, schedulers or image galleries, and much more, all with just a few clicks. Unfortunately, you cannot download your site, or if you can, it isn’t apparent how to do so and not discussed in the support documents.

Aside from that, and the fact that there is no undo button in the Weebly editor, this is a very well put together website builder that will allow you to get online quickly and for a price that’s easy on your pocketbook.

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