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HyperStreet offers an astonishing 1,100 templates that encompass a variety of purposes, including marketing, portfolios, medical, education, and restaurants, along with many others. Unfortunately, this wide selection includes terrible templates that look as though they were designed when HyperStreet was founded in 1999. The templates are ugly, but they are at least mobile responsive, which is not something all website builders can say.

Pricing for HyperStreet begins at $9.95/month, which, though not very much, is definitely too much considering the ugly website you get. Curiously, HyperStreet mentions other package options but doesn’t provide any pricing information about them. What’s more, there isn’t a list of features for each package, making a decision between them impossible.

The problems don’t end there. You can’t download your site should you wish to host it elsewhere, and though HyperStreet says you get 50 email addresses with your account, you aren’t told which type of account you need to get them, nor are you told ahead of time if they are free or come at an extra expense. One positive, however, is that HyperStreet has better-than-average support, with both email and phone-based options available. That said, it’s not enough to save HyperStreet from landing on our do-not-recommend list.

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