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Oxxy is a website builder that looks good and has some great features, but like so many other website builders falls flat in other critical areas.

On the upside, Oxxy’s templates are better than average. There are some pleasing designs, but nothing that will bowl you over as being extraordinary. Though the template collection is small – just 25 total – there are designs for many needs, particularly in the business sector. Notably lacking are templates for educational purposes, medical uses, and portfolios. That being said, you can start your website building process with a blank template and customize it to your specific needs.

Speaking of customization, the Oxxy editor is true drag and drop, meaning you can put items on your pages wherever you like. While that’s nice from a creativity and flexibility standpoint, it can be a little overwhelming for users that don’t have much design experience. What’s more, items don’t snap into position like they do in other website builders, so you’re left to align and space individual elements on your own.

Oxxy’s websites default to a non-responsive desktop size, although you can turn on mobile responsiveness with a few clicks. Why mobile responsiveness isn’t the default setting is strange. Also strange is the fact that Oxxy has no blog and no e-commerce platform, despite marketing themselves as a website builder for businesses. Granted, you can add PayPal Buy Now buttons to items on your site, but that’s not exactly an e-commerce solution for businesses. You also cannot download your site for editing or safe keeping away from the Oxxy platform.

The support options provided by Oxxy are top notch. All users have access to a wealth of online documentation, guides and videos, as well as email, chat, and phone-based support. Another bonus is that paid plans come with email for free, which is a feature that not many other website builders can boast. With packages that start at free and go up to around $15/month, the pricing seems pretty good as well. The problem, of course, is that even if the price is good, users that need to blog or have an online store are out of luck.

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