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Yola customers can choose from over 200 templates that fit a variety of purposes. Not all the templates are mobile responsive, which given the way people browse the internet today is not especially useful. Though there are many templates in the Yola collection, they are mostly non-descript and not designed for a specific purpose. There are some specifically for restaurants and businesses, but if you’re looking for something for a medical website, an education website, a landing page, or portfolio, you will be disappointed.

Yola has a decent pricing plan, with the basic plan offered for free. There aren’t many features to speak of with the free plan, but you can create two separate websites, password protect pages, and have support for six languages on your site. If it’s e-commerce you’re after, you’ll have to go with one of the three paid plans, which range from $4.17/month to $16.66/month, and then add $10/month more to have an online store. This is one of the issues with Yola – there seem to be a lot of add-ons and upsells that really start pushing the price high. Another add-on is email. Yola charges an additional $9.96/month per mailbox. That means if you opt for the top-priced plan, then add e-commerce and email, you’re looking at over $35/month.

There are some good features with Yola. The e-commerce capabilities stand out. Yola has partnered with Ecwid, which offers high-end functions that allow for coupons, synchronization with shipping companies, and analytics. Speaking of analytics, there are multiple programs you can use with your Yola site to track statistics, including SiteWit and Google. There is also a built-in help function in the website builder so you can access help documents as you encounter problems.

On the other hand, the website builder seems a bit disjointed, and Yola no longer offers blogging. Apart from the e-commerce functionalities, there aren’t that many good features available. In short, Yola will help you get your website built, but there are better choices out there that offer more features and more value for the money.

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