Website Builder is a relatively new player in the website building game. This definitely shows in some aspects of the features they offer – or don’t offer, to be exact.

Website builder gets mediocre scores for several critical features, including SEO, e-commerce, and support. In fact, unless you sign up for a particular pricing plan, you can’t even preview the SEO or e-commerce tools that are available to you. On top of that, there are some pretty standard support tools that are lacking, most notably live support and a trouble ticketing system. That leaves a little to be desired for a website builder that is designed for the beginner in mind.

Having said that, Website Builder knocks it out of the park with their gigantic selection of templates. There are thousands of possibilities, all of which are pleasing enough, but none really blow you away either. There are lots of business templates, including those for landing pages and restaurants. There are also plenty of portfolio and one-page websites for people that want to promote their artistic skills or simply want to get their resume or CV online. But if you want to build a website dedicated to education or medicine, you’ll be out of luck as there are no pre-made templates for those niches.

The real star of the show is the editing dashboard, which is among the best in the business. Whether you’re building your first website or your hundredth, there are highly robust editing features that are well-organized, easy to access, and completely straightforward to use. This uncomplicated editing platform makes it super easy to customize your site and get it published in a timely fashion.

Another big bonus is the easy blogging integration. Simply click a button and a blog will be added to your site. Easily manage your posts, create tags and RSS feeds, and edit the look and feel of your blog right from the Website Builder editor. Much like creating and editing other pages on your website, the editor makes blogging a total breeze.

Website Builder is priced well, but then again you get what you pay for. There aren’t a whole lot of features to speak of (outside the editor), but then again the editor alone is well worth the price. All sites are automatically mobile responsive as well, which is a feature that some big name website builders don’t even offer.

The cheapest plan is free, but there are no SEO, e-commerce, or marketing tools at your disposal. Opt instead for the Personal Plan, which, at $7.95 is great for people that just need an online presence fast. But if you want to build an online store, you’ll have to spring for the $17.95/month e-commerce plan. Also note that free email is only available with the Business and E-Commerce Plans.

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