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Gutensite offers 20 basic template designs, but each one can be further customized with just a few clicks of a button. Templates can be made to reflect specific needs, such as for a church, a health professional, restaurants, or a portfolio. Furthermore, the design of each template can be modified to fit one of 19 styling choices that give you the ability to customize the look and feel of your selected template.

There are both newer and older templates offered as part of Gutensite’s collection. The newer templates are far superior, and show a greater level of design and aesthetic appeal than their older counterparts. The older templates aren’t terrible, but they just don’t stand up as well to the newer ones. All templates are mobile responsive, however, which is an essential feature in this day and age.

Pricing for Gutensite is on the steep side. Starting at $15/month for the basic plan and extending to $245/month for an all-inclusive premium plan, there aren’t many options for budget-minded users. What’s more, if you want e-commerce, you’ll have to shell out at least $95/month to get those integrated functionalities. Email is only offered for users that select the $95/month plan or the more expensive one premium plan.

Perhaps the greatest feature Gutensite offers is its support system. Depending on the package you choose, you have access to a wealth of online documentation, including guided tours of the platform, email and phone based support, and one-on-one training. Users that select one of the two most expensive plans also get a “dedicated webmaster assistant” that will do everything from adding a new blog post to updating images on your site.

Despite the priciness and an editor that takes awhile to master, Gutensite has a good thing going. It’s loaded with features, has crazy good support, and highly customizable templates that give your site a unique, personalized appearance.

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