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Moonfruit may not have the name recognition of some of the other big players in the website building niche, but it’s actually been around since the late 1990s. In fact, it was one of the first website builders available.

On the one hand, its age has benefitted its users because of easy to use and handy features that make the website building process far easier. The editing interface is old and outdated, but extremely functional and easy to use, even for novices. There are many editing tools at your disposal as well, giving you nearly complete control over how elements on the page look and even where elements are located, down to the pixel. Moving things around to suit your tastes is a matter of dragging and dropping elements in the desktop or mobile editors.

By far, the best feature Moonfruit has to offer is the one-click addition of a blog or an online store. In just minutes you can publish your thoughts or begin selling your goods! Not only are these features incredibly easy to use, but they also come on the cheap – Moonfruit’s basic paid plan is just $4.50/month, and that includes e-commerce capabilities. You won’t find a better e-commerce price among website builders, especially those that have mobile-friendly templates.

There are, of course, some negatives to working with Moonfruit. There aren’t many templates – just 62 – and many of them look old, tired, and outdated. Once you select a template, which is an incredibly difficult process on its own, you’re locked into using that template unless you delete your site and start over. Not only that, there are no templates specifically for education, restaurants, or medical purposes. There are some business templates, although there doesn’t seem to be any specifically designed for marketing purposes, like landing pages. There are many portfolio website options available, but, again, many are not all that attractive.

Compounding the problem is that Moonfruit lacks many additional features that other website builders offer. You can’t download your site or move it to another server. Email is not offered, and telephone support is only provided to users that purchase one of the most expensive plans. There are only basic SEO and analytics tools and a very poor selection of effects, icons, and galleries as well. But, if you need a basic, functional website in a relatively short amount of time, Moonfruit might be a good solution.

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I have tried this once, and it was amazing
Really user friendly
Worth the money you pay

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