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Adsy is not your typical website builder. Billed as a “microsite” builder, Adsy lets you create very simple and straightforward pages which exist on their own URL, but are probably more appropriate for sharing via social media, messaging, email, and the like as opposed to existing as a standalone website. Adsy microsites are ideal for sharing photos, links to other websites or blogs, and videos, or for creating quick informational posts, like an invite to a party.

Adsy is completely free – as it should be – given that there are virtually no features. There is no blog. No e-commerce. No SEO, support, e-mail, or templates for that matter. You can’t download your site either, though you can easily embed it into other websites, as mentioned above.

To design your microsite, you choose a background color or image, add text, links, icons, and other assets, and you’re essentially done. Adsy sites are fully mobile responsive, which increases their functionality, and allow you to add everything from videos to sound clips to maps.

Adsy isn’t trying to be an end-all, be-all website building solution. It merely exists to be a quick and easy option for putting short bursts of information out there on the internet, and it serves that purpose quite nicely.

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