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Voog is a nice entry-level website editor for individuals or small businesses that need a tasteful, good-looking, mobile responsive website in a relatively short amount of time. There are only 14 templates from which to choose, but each is well designed and has modern aesthetic appeal. Voog’s prices are pretty good as well – get online for as little as $8.79/month. With e-commerce capabilities available for even this entry-level price, that’s not a bad deal.

Voog’s support system is on par with most other website builders. There is a large knowledge base with a FAQs section for quick answers to common problems. There is also 24/7 support via email, and telephone support is available during daytime business hours (Berlin time).

There are some unexpectedly nice features for such a budget-friendly website builder. You can download your site if need be, and you can host the site on your own server. You can add a blog or an online store with one click of a button as well. There are basic analytics tools built right into Voog, so you can track the performance of your site right from the editing interface.

Then again, there are some areas where Voog falls short. Although there is an e-commerce option, it is not native and requires a third-party platform. Additionally, Voog does not offer email support. Regarding the templates, although there are many basic customizations that can be made, major changes are impossible unless you dive into the code. Another problem is that while Voog offers many business templates, there are none specifically for education, medical, or marketing purposes. There is only one restaurant template and one portfolio template currently available as well.


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