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DoodleKit is a basic website builder that has been around for some time. While the experience gleaned from years of operation is usually a benefit, DoodleKit seems to be spinning its wheels somewhat and has a product that hasn’t been updated in quite some time.

The result of this is a collection of more than 170 templates, all of which look the same – and bad at that. There are no templates for specific purposes, like portfolios, restaurants, education, medical applications, and marketing. All templates can be adapted to fit one of these needs, but that would require more time and effort on the part of a user to get the site how they need it to be. Add to that antiquated layouts, poor font choices, and a lack of customization options beyond the basics means that DoodleKit sites really show their age. While this might be acceptable for users that opt for the free plan, at even the lowest-priced paid plan ($10/month), it’s hard to justify the expense. With ecommerce plans starting at $24/month, it’s an even worse value for the money.

Other features that are important for today’s web are missing: you can’t download your site, there is no email service (although you can have your email forwarded), and the support options are limited to email support. Thankfully, DoodleKit’s sites are mobile responsive, so at least your site will adjust to the size of the screen on which it is viewed. There are other positives as well, including a blogging tool that’s fairly powerful and the ability to add a forum to your site so visitors can interact with one another. The service is completely web-based, so you don’t have to download any software – just edit in your browser whenever you like.

Unfortunately, these positives aren’t close to outweighing the bad about DoodleKit

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