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Webnode has been around for awhile, which is a good and a bad thing. While this means the company has a lot of experience in website building (they claim more than 22 million users), it also means that some parts of the infrastructure are showing their age.

Webnode has an extensive pricing plan, with free options available, even for its e-commerce setup. If you want additional features, however, you’ll have to spend $6.95/month for a personal or business plan, or $9.95/month for an e-commerce plan.

Each of these plans gives you access to the full slate of templates. There are 37 personal and business templates currently available and 85 e-commerce templates offered. Templates for many popular niches are available, including portfolio, restaurants, and businesses. Other top niches like education, medical, and landing pages for marketing purposes seem to be absent from the collection at this time. Regardless of what template you choose, it will be mobile responsive. However, unless you have your own domain, you won’t get an email address. Webnode provides a webmail interface, but not email service itself.

Although Webnode gives users the ability to download their selected template, only e-commerce users that opt for the top-of-the-line Profi account have the ability to download their entire site. These users also have the ability to import and export data, which is a nice touch for serious e-commerce customers.

While Webnode offers tools and features that are more or less par for the course, the builder just seems to be caught between the old and the new worlds. There are two editors – one for personal and business templates that is slick, modern, and easy-to-use – and another for e-commerce templates that is ugly and complicated. The editors reflect their templates quite well because the personal and business templates seem to be well designed and quite functional. On the other hand, the e-commerce templates are absolutely horrid, and without some major editing on your part, will give you a really unattractive and unappealing online store.

These dichotomies are present throughout Webnode. Its homepage is pleasing and modern, but as you dive deeper into the site, you find pages that appear to have been made a decade ago, with cheesy graphics and out-of-date fonts. There are strange dichotomies in the pricing department too – there are really great features for the various free plans that are available, yet some of the paid plans lack features that are pretty standard for fee-based plans with other website builders.
The result of all this is a feeling of being trapped between two worlds. Webnode seems to be interested in making strides to become a modern website building option, but there seem to be too many ties to the old version of the builder that prevent it from truly actualizing. This and the fact that there are major elements, like blogging, missing from the set of features, Webnode is behind the times in more ways than one.

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