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SnapPages is another entry to mid-level website builder that offers some really slick features but also falls short in some areas as well.

On the one hand, the SnapPages editor is fairly easy to use with a fantastic UI. You can easily add a blog, image galleries and videos, or an online store (using third-party applications). The templates, although sparse in number (there are only 26), are highly customizable. All SnapPages websites are ready for mobile viewing and you get a host of other nice features as well, including cloud-based storage, free hosting, and an unlimited number of pages.

On the other hand, there are precious few support options, with email support virtually the only avenue you have for resolving an issue. There is no email availability either, and, as mentioned above, no native e-commerce solutions. That means you have to go through another source like Shopify if you want an online store, which incurs an additional expense.

Perhaps the biggest issue is with SnapPages’ templates. In addition to there not being very many, the template selection process is incredibly complicated and not at all user-friendly. You don’t get the option of exploring templates until after you create an account, and even then, you only get to see a small screenshot of what the template looks like – there is no live preview.

What’s more, the templates aren’t organized by niche, nor do their titles or small screenshots provide you with much (if any) information regarding what purpose the template is intended to serve. There are several templates for restaurants purposes and a couple that could be used for portfolios, but other popular niches like landing pages, medical, and education appear to be lacking. There is no option to download your site either.
Taking these things into account, SnapPages has some issues, but still might be a good solution for someone that needs a website quickly and easily.

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