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Spaces specializes in helping you create a landing page for your business. There is a single one-page design that looks modern, is mobile responsive, and is easy to customize to meet your needs. There aren’t many customization options, however, which would be nice given that there is only one template available. Having said that, you can change background images, rearrange existing sections, and add new ones as well.

On the positive side, you can download your site if you’d prefer to host it elsewhere. There is also a free account that allows you to create a good-looking landing page, complete with online sales via third-party platforms like PayPal and Stripe. You also get access to a host of business tools, like a name generator, an image resizer, an online barcode generator, and others.

Unfortunately, there are some misfires for Spaces. As noted above, there is only one layout available, which certainly restricts its applicability to certain types of website niches. It would be easy to create a Spaces site for marketing purposes, a restaurant, or even a portfolio, but medical and educational sites would be difficult to create with this platform. SEO tools are also completely missing (or if there are SEO tools, they are impossible to find). Worst of all is the Spaces support. Though there is online documentation, it’s incredibly difficult to find and isn’t very helpful anyway. The only other option is to email Spaces with questions.

If you need a quick landing page that looks good, is mobile responsive, and is free, Spaces might be a good choice for you. But, if you desire a lot of customization options or a greater selection of templates, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

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