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Froont is not like most website builders that offer a one-stop solution for people to create websites. Instead, it is a responsive web design tool specifically for designers. Froont allows you to create landing pages and other publications, which you can then export to host on your own website or publish it using a custom domain name with Froont.

Where other website builders offer pre-made templates, Froont does not. You design your single-page website from the ground up using a slick, visually-based drag-and-drop editor. Add animations and effects, widgets, forms, and other responsive elements with ease. Everything is done within the browser, so there are no software downloads to manage. No matter what you design, it will be automatically mobile responsive and meet today’s standards for viewing on all devices.

Because Froont is geared specifically towards front-end design, features that are common with other website builders are not included. Users that expect to see blogging, e-commerce tools, or email will be disappointed. But then again, Froont isn’t marketed as an end-all, be-all builder for everyday websites. Instead, it offers the tools that designers need and want in order to build one-page websites without the need to code. But, if you want access to the code, you can view it in the online editor or download the site to do with as you please.

Pricing for Froont runs the gamut from totally free to $39/month for the agency package. The free package offers the ability to create one site and provides access to Google fonts. Automatic backup is also included. For users that choose the agency package, many more features are available, including unlimited pages, five custom domain names, Typekit fonts, the ability to export code, premium support, and a one-on-one, hour-long tutorial with Froont’s tech support, all for $39/month.

Although it’s overall review score doesn’t look good, Froont is actually a very good website builder, albeit one for a pretty specific audience. If you need a visual editing experience and don’t know a thing about code, and just need a single-page website or landing page quickly and easily, Froont might be the website builder for you.

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