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Virb is another solid entrant in the website builder market. At just $10/month, Virb offers many high-end features that you wouldn’t expect for such a small monthly fee. All Virb sites are responsive and ready for mobile viewing. The website builder offers 26 high-quality templates that are modern and fresh looking. Although the selection is small, the templates are completely customizable to fit your needs. There are templates for many purposes, including portfolios, restaurants, and businesses. There are templates for organizations that could be adapted to fit other needs, such as medical or education.

Virb is lacking in some areas, however. Email is not offered, and the only support options available are via email or the online knowledge base. At this time, Virb users cannot download their site, and although there are minimal e-commerce solutions offered, they aren’t worth the time or effort. The editor could use some simplifying as well.

Then again, for $10/month, if you can tick most of your boxes in terms of your needs, you aren’t doing too badly. If you can live with some of the negatives, Virb has plenty of positives to make up for it.

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