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At just $59/year, SiteCube is one of the least expensive website builders out there. For that price, however, it’s a bit of a mixed bag in terms of what you get. You cannot download the site, and they don’t offer e-mail services either. The biggest issue is that there is no blogging platform. Blogging is such an important part of marketing for today’s businesses, and is a popular endeavor for individuals as well, so it’s a major oversight that SiteCube doesn’t offer blogging tools.

On the other hand, for $59/year you can build an e-commerce website, which isn’t something many other website builders can claim. Granted, the e-commerce tools aren’t all that intuitive and at times are downright laborious, but the fact that you can get an online store up and going for less than $5/month is pretty amazing.

SiteCube’s templates are okay – certainly nothing spectacular but they aren’t the worst out there either. The templates are mobile responsive, and there are 43 layouts to give you some variety. Most of the templates are geared towards marketing and business, though with some work an existing template could be made to fit other purposes, like medical, restaurants, education, or portfolios. If you need help learning how to adapt the templates, SiteCube has an online library and FAQs to get you going. The only problem is that the help center can’t be accessed from the editor, and you have to hunt around even to find it on the SiteCube website.

In short, the price seems great at first, but given the lack of blogging tools, so-so templates, a confusing e-commerce platform, and hard-to-find support, SiteCube isn’t going to be the best choice for most people.

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