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The HighPowerSites InstaStore offers 72 templates to choose from, each of which is mobile responsive (but only after you activate the mobile site). The templates aren’t anything special to look at, and look overly simplistic and outdated. Though there are a lot of editing options that allow you to make the templates look more modern, that’s sort of missing the point of a website builder. The purpose is to make building a website easier and faster, not more time consuming.

Another feature of HighPowerSites that isn’t so great is the pricing. The least expensive plan is $19.95/month, and although there are plenty of features included, that’s still extremely pricey compared to other website builders. An account with e-commerce functionalities starts at a whopping $49.95/month, with other e-commerce plans at $79.95/month and $99.95/month. Those prices are outrageous, to say the least, especially considering other website builders offer similar features with better-looking templates for a fraction of the price.

On the positive side, the templates can be customized for many different purposes, from education and marketing to portfolios and restaurants. Analytics and hosting are included in the price, though you can’t download the site should you wish to do so. All sites come with numerous email accounts as well – from 20 with the cheapest plan up to 100 with the most expensive e-commerce plan. There is a nice online help center, with tutorials, FAQs, and a user manual. For additional support, you can send an email request or get in touch with HighPowerSites via live chat.

In short, HighPowerSites has a good deal of features that make your site more functional, especially on the e-commerce side. But with very high prices and ugly templates, it’s not the best deal around.

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