Overview is a mid-range website builder that has many positives, but also many negatives. Their selection of templates numbers around 100, which is nice in terms of having some variety. The problem, however, is that their templates are among the very worst that are available among website builders. Each template is ugly, outdated, and utilizes fixed formatting by default. To have a mobile responsive site, you have to actually engage that feature manually, which in today’s world makes absolutely no sense.

onlybusiness pricing

Pricing for OnlyBusiness’ various plans is quite high. Traditional plans start at $9.99/month and go up from there to $59.99/month. E-commerce pricing begins at $21.99/month and maxes out at a whopping $99.99/month. What’s curious is that there are very few differences between the least and most expensive plans. For non e-commerce plans, all you get for $59.99/month beyond that which is available on the $9.99/month plan is more storage, bandwidth, and an increased number of pages on your site, as well as e-mail and a private client login. And for e-commerce plans, the difference between the $21.99/month plan and the $99.99/month plan is centered on the number of items you can have in your store (50 versus unlimited) and features like storage space, bandwidth, and the number of pages allowed on the site. At the end of the day, these differences most certainly are not worth the enormous difference in price.

As noted above, mid-range and top-end pricing plans do come with email, though none of the pricing plans allow you to download your website. Also missing are template categories for common website subjects. Other website builders categorize their templates by purpose, such as for marketing, portfolios, medical, restaurants, and education. However, OnlyBusiness doesn’t do that, so you have to sift through their templates to find something you think will work for your needs.

onlybusiness support

One of the best aspects of OnlyBusiness is their support. Not only do you get e-mail support, but you also have access to live chat and phone-based support as well. Although the online documentation is lacking, the fact that all users of OnlyBusiness have so many support options is a definite bonus.

Another positive about OnlyBusiness is their e-commerce tools, which are among the most robust in the business. E-commerce customers have access to all sorts of tools, from adding coupons and currency menus to giving visitors the capability of creating gift registries. Products are indexable for searching, and the sale of digital goods is supported as well. Manage taxes and payments, as well as shipping too. Everything you need to build an online store is built right in.

Despite the stellar e-commerce tools and support services, OnlyBusiness falls flat. The templates are awful, the editor is even worse, and the prices for what you get are way too high.

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