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SiteKreator is a website builder geared towards individuals with a small to medium-sized business that need a website with engagement features like call-to-action buttons, registration and contact forms, and password-protected areas for registered members. These features are included in each of SiteKreator’s 215 templates. Though the templates aren’t overly impressive, they aren’t overly offensive either. There are a variety of business templates, as well as some that can be used for educational, medical, marketing, and restaurant applications. Missing are templates that are easily used for a portfolio. All templates are mobile responsive and ready to view on any device.

On the downside, there isn’t much of an e-commerce platform. For a website builder that seems to cater to businesses, not having a robust e-commerce solution makes no sense. Instead, all that’s offered is the ability to incorporate PayPal buttons. There is also no blogging option, which again makes little sense given that SiteKreator was built for small business usage. You cannot download your site either, though that’s much less of a concern than the lack of blogging and e-commerce tools.

Where SiteKreator shines is in its support options. There is a large online help section, complete with video tutorials that walk you through common editing tasks. Even better, you can email questions or participate in live chat directly from the editing window. You can also call technical support. Most website builders rely on online documentation and email support, so SiteKreator has gone above and beyond with their support system. Another bonus is that the top three paid plans include email, from 5-40 individual mailboxes.

Pricing starts at $9.95/month and extends to $59.95/month. All packages can incorporate PayPal e-commerce, but again, unless you sell just a handful of items, that’s not an ideal e-commerce setup. Though the $9.95/month package is inexpensive, the lack of a blog and e-commerce tools makes SiteKreator hard to justify, particularly for more expensive packages.

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