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Pixelhub is a niche website builder that specializes in one-page websites to serve as “about me” pages or CVs. Because of this, there are some features typical to most website builders that just do not apply. There is no e-commerce option and no blogging. You cannot download the site, and no email services are provided. Free accounts do not have access to technical support either.

That said, Pixelhub isn’t geared toward full-blown websites, so not having those features isn’t a dealbreaker. People that select Pixelhub are looking for a way to share their CV or resume and have a means of connecting their social media accounts to a personalized website. Pixelhub fits the bill for that quite nicely.

There are no templates per se. You can select a background from the Pixelhub gallery or upload your own. From there, it’s a matter of adding content to your page, including text, contact information, social media information, pictures, videos, and the like. You control styling elements like colors and fonts, and can add additional content areas to the page to accommodate more information about yourself and your business.

Features wise, where Pixelhub really shines is in the social sharing features. Even free accounts get basic statistics and paid accounts, which run $6/month, get access to advanced statistics, which includes real-time information about site visits, social shares, Pixelhub interactions, and so on. And since Pixelhub pages are mobile responsive, your page will look good no matter what.

If you just need a quick and easy one-page website to act as a hub for people to find you online, Pixelhub is an excellent choice.

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