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The collection of templates with Easy Site Build is quite large at over 1,000 choices. Easy Site Build has organized the templates by category, so you can more easily find the template you need. Most of the templates are mobile friendly as well. Whether your site is for medical purposes, restaurants, education, marketing, or a portfolio, there is likely a template for you. Unfortunately, there isn’t much in the way of good looking templates. In fact, Easy Site Build’s template gallery is downright ugly.

This is just one of the problems with Easy Site Build. It doesn’t come with email and you cannot download the site. The editor, though easy to use, is very basic and doesn’t allow you to create a truly custom site. Instead, you’re left with a final product that looks very dated.

The support options with Easy Site Build include online documentation, email, and phone support, which is more than many website builders offer. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find and access the online documentation, which is frustrating when you’re stuck and need to find a solution to your problem.

Pricing starts at $7.95/month, which doesn’t sound like much but is a high price to pay for the precious few features that you get. An e-commerce plan is available for $10.95/month, which is a much better deal because you get better features, including blogging, for just a few dollars more.

Nonetheless, Easy Site Build is difficult to recommend because of all of its misgivings. It’s in desperate need of an update, and if you build your site with it, your site will need an update as well. There are far better choices out there for your website building experience.

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