Squarespace review

I wanted to review Squarespace for those individuals that were interested in building their own website, because it appeared to be a friendly site.  After all, I really like when I enter a site and it states that you can try it for free.  You will notice that when you look at the home page  shown below.  I also felt very comfortable with the entire experience as I noticed that I would be able to view a video that was listed under the ‘tour’ button.  One thing that I have noticed with site builders like this is the fact that the site seems to be much easier to use and navigate when you have little links related to the pricing and suchlike listed right there on the home page.

Squarespace homepage. Here you can see all of the features that I was talking about.

Because I had never used this site before I decided that I wanted to see just how it worked, and how easy it was going to be for me to create my own site with this site builder.  Therefore, I wanted to take the tour and watch the video that was going to be provided.  I think that this would be a great way for you to ease your mind, and put to rest any pressing questions or concerns that you might have before you begin.  This would be a great way for you to get started with your website.  I simply needed to click on the ‘tour’ link that was listed on the home page, and I was taken to the video.

Here you can see a part of the video. I was very impressed with the video and how it showed you what you can do with your site when you are ready to edit it and make it your own. I also liked that it was going to be available to me to watch as often as I needed to make my site look great.

Now, if you are like me, you are wondering just how much it will cost you to run your site when you are finished with the free trial.  Again, on the home page, you are going to see that pricing is listed.  This makes it very easy for you to simply click and see what you have to pay.  I  clicked on this for a list of the prices, and I noticed that would be able to pay monthly, yearly, or even for a two year membership.  I really liked the fact that all of the features were listed underneath the price option.  This made it very easy for me to compare each of the different packages.  I also noticed that the prices were comparable to the other website builders that I had used in the past.  This eased my mind because I did not feel like I was being taken advantage of, and paying for a service that I was going to be able to get cheaper somewhere else.

You can look at this screen shot here and see the different prices as well as the package features. You can see the number of pages you are going to be able to have as well as the amount of storage and the bandwidth. I did like that you were going to have 20 pages with the smallest package. Many website builders only give you 5 pages with the small package.

Something else to be aware of is the fact that, at the bottom of the pricing page, you will have the opportunity to review a list of questions that are frequently asked on this site.  I really liked the fact that the questions were listed here, as many people have questions about the pricing and the features.  The fact that these questions are addressed on the same page make it very easy to find what you may be looking for.


I decided that I was ready to go ahead and work on a website with this builder.  I clicked on the ‘try it free’ button and I was ready to begin.  I was asked to create a site URL/login.  I often get a little bit overwhelmed when the site builder is set up like this because I need to make sure that I have something wonderful that is going to represent my site.  Make sure you keep that in mind as you begin.  I also noticed that, because this was going to be my site URL, it was going to be a subdomain.  This was fine for me because I already have a website. However, if this is your only site, and you are a business owner, you may want to consider purchasing a website address of your own to use.  This is a great way for you to be found online, and to look more professional.  When you use a subdomain, it might be harder for you to be taken seriously.


Once I entered my URL, I needed to enter my email address and a password.  These would both be needed for me to get into this site builder in the future, when I wanted to work on editing my website.  If you are not good at remembering what this information is going to be, then you will need to write it down somewhere.

This screen shot is going to show you what I mean about establishing your login information. You will see that you are going to need to establish your URL.

Once I created my account, I was able to make any changes that I wanted to it.  I was simply going to need to click on the ‘structure’ link at the top and the page would come up with little edit tabs.  When I found the area that I wanted to edit, I would just click on it, and an edit box would appear.  I simply needed to enter the information that I wanted.

This shows how the editing would take place once you click the structure link. You can see how you are going to be able to enter any titles and subtitles that you want. Just make sure that you are hitting the save and close button when you are finished.


This screen shot shows how you can change the appearance of your page. You will be able to make your page look anyway you wanted by changing the template, the fonts or even the colors and sizes. This shot shows that it is all right there in front of you.

Many people want to be clear about how to enter any text that they would like to have on their site.  It is very important to know that this is not going to be at all difficult.  While you are on the home page of your site, you will simply need to click on the ‘content’ link.  You will then be able to select which section you want to edit.  Clicking on the ‘edit’ button will create a text box where you will be able to enter any information you want.  It is very easy, and similar to other sites that I have used in the past.


You can see the text box here in this shot. You will see that you are going to be able to align the information how you want and you are going to be able to select from different font styles and make information bold if you would like to. It is very easy

The only thing left for me to do was to spend some time reviewing all the information on my site in order to ensure that things were going to look the way I wanted them to.  I also needed to determine whether I wanted to pay for a monthly, annual, or bi-annual membership to this website builder.  The entire process was very easy, and I enjoyed using this website builder.

Frequently Asked Questions about Website Builders


1.)  Is this site free and what are the package prices for this site?

You can begin your website with a free trial.  When that is over you will be required to pay anywhere between $13.33 a month to $40.00 a month, depending on what plan you decide to use.  You will be able to select from a personal plan all the way up to business plan.  Keep in mind that you will be able to pay monthly, annually, or even bi-annually.  You will save 10% on your plan if you pay annually, and you can save 20% if you are paying for a bi-annual plan.

2.)  How good is the free package compared to the packages that you can purchase?

You will only have this website builder for free for a limited amount of time.  You will be able to use the website builder, and all of the features that it offers, when you use the free trial.  However, after that point, you will need to decide which plan you are interested in continuing with.  At that point, you are going to be limited in relation  to the number of pages, storage, and the number of visible users you are going to have.  It will be up to you to read through each package to determine which one is going to meet your needs.


3.)  Does it come with a hosting plan?

No matter what plan you are going to be paying for, you are going to be given free hosting.  Most website builders offer this feature, and it makes having a website very easy.


4.)  Do you get free support?

Email support will always be available to you.  You can also read through the different forums and support information already listed on the website.  If you are in need of an answer for a specific question, you will be able to create a support ticket, and wait for someone to get back to you.


5.)  What are the benefits of this website builder?

I was very impressed with the fact that there were many different tutorial videos and web classes that I could participate in, so that I would know how to use this site appropriately.  I found that this was a great way to calm my nerves when I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed.


6.)  What are the negatives of this website builder?

I did not care for the help and support section of this site.  I really like website builders that will allow you to engage in online chat or telephone support as needed.


7.)  Is the site builder flash compatible?

Just like other website builders, you will be able to add flash and java script to your website.  If you are not really sure how to go about doing this, you will need to go to the ‘help and support’ section of this site, and enter the term “flash”.  You will find some very easy instructions that you can follow to help you place your video onto your site.


I have tried a lot of online website builders in the past, and this is one of the easiest to use.  I really liked all the videos that are available, and I liked the fact that I can attend online classes, as well.  This would be a great starter website for anyone needing a little extra help.  After all, it is free, and you are not going to be losing anything if you just give it a try.

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