WebHosting Hub review is one website builder that I wanted to review as it appeared to be relatively easy to use.  When I first arrived at this sites’ home page, I was easily able to view what the free premium website builder would include.  I also noticed that I was able to click onto the home page in order to start an online chat if I needed to.  This was a great way for me to begin exploring this site builder to decide whether or not I wanted to use it.  I have reviewed many sites in the past, and it can be very difficult to feel comfortable with a site builder that does not answer your questions and ease your mind before you begin.  This did not seem to be the case with this site builder.

Webhostinghub homepage. The look and feel of the homepage got me thinking they are going to offer some really nice templates (I was right).

Use this link to try WebHostingHub!

I reviewed this home page and could see that I would have a free domain name, a choice of templates, and hosting, as well.  All of these features made me eager to get started on my website.  There are some occasions when you are going to have to pay for a domain name, and this can be expensive.  However, you will find that there are benefits to this, as well.  In fact, you will find that it will be easier to be found through search engines, and you will also look a lot more professional.  A subdomain is fine if you are working on a personal website, but it does not look that great when you are trying to start a business.  However, you do not need to worry about a subdomain with, and you will not need to worry about a payment either.  Your account will include a free domain registration or transfer, and I really liked this aspect.


Before I started moving through the site building process, I wanted to know how this site builder was going to add up against other site builders out there.  It was easy to find out.  All I needed to do was click on the tab that said ‘compare us’.  When I did, I found out that there was a full money back guarantee for ninety days.  This was a great feature that many other website builders do not offer.  I also liked the fact that I was going to have 24/7 toll free in-house support, as well.  With all these amazing features, I was ready to get started.

A comparison between webhostinghub and other hsoting companies. The website builder is just one of the features they offer as a hosting company but it is still one of the best out there.

I was ready to begin my site so I clicked on the start button.  At that time I was taken to a page where I would be able to enter my own domain name, or transfer a current domain name, to the site I was going to be building.  This was very easy.

Here is the page that allows you to set up your domain name. This is the first step in the process.

When I had finished selecting what website domain I wanted, I was then asked to enter my personal information to start my account.  This was all very basic information, and it was very similar to other sites that I have used before.  However, not all website builders are going to require you to enter your billing information.  This site did ask, and the cost would be approximately $7.00 per month.  You would need to pay in instalments of 12 months, 24 months, or even in 36 months.


After entering all of the required information for my account set up, I was asked to select a template.  I found that there were more than 500 different templates that I could select from with this site builder.  I also noticed that I would be able to change the color schemes that were available for my site, as well.  I really like the different website builders that also allow me the opportunity to select the different colors that I want to have on my site, as well.  It makes the entire building process a lot of fun, and I am able to create the look and feel that I really want.  I was very impressed with the template selection, as some website builders are limited, or you need to pay extra for certain templates that you want to use.  I really liked this site builder and the options that I would have.

Here are some of the different templates that you can select from.

When I had chosen a website template that I really liked, I was able to enter the text that I wanted my site to have.  This was not complicated, and it was actually a little bit easier than other site builders I have used in the past.  It really was as easy as clicking and typing.  I just needed to enter text into the text boxes, and I could make those appear on the screen by double-clicking on the template.


I was also able to create a flash introduction with my site if I wanted to.  This site builder has flash templates that are ready to use with this site builder.  Once you have selected the template that you like, you will be able to enter any message that you want.  You can change fonts, styles, and even the colors, just like you can on a regular template.


Editing my site was fun, and it was very easy to create the look and feel that I wanted.  I found this site builder even let me build an ecommerce site where I would be able to sell things to make money.  Editing on this site was just as easy as other sites.  I also found that you can chat with a professional at any time if you need assistance, and this helps a lot.

Use this link to try WebHostingHub!

Frequently Asked Questions About Website Builders


1.)  Is this site free and what are the package prices for this site?

This site builder is not going to be free.  You will be paying approximately $7.00 month, but you will have free hosting and a free domain name for this price.  It really is a pretty good price, when you consider the fact that you are not going to be required to pay roughly $10.00 a year for a domain name, or more than that for hosting through a different company.


2.)  How good is the free package compared to the packages that you can purchase?

Again, you are not going to have a free website, just a free domain and hosting.  You will find that you also have unlimited websites, and unlimited emails and disk space when you sign up for the premium package.  These are nice to have, and not having to pay for these features can save you money in the long run.


3.)  Does it come with a hosting plan?

Yes, you are going to have free hosting with the premium website builder plan.  This saves you time and energy as you not going to need to worry about looking for hosting with another provider, and then uploading your website to another location.


4.)  Do you get free support?

You will have free 24/7 toll free support.  You even have the ability to view different articles, engage in online chats or even submit a support ticket if you need assistance.  It is really nice when you have more than one option for support.


5.)  What are the benefits of this website builder?

I liked the fact that they had ready to use flash templates that you could edit and make your own.  I also liked the fact that I could create an online chat if I needed immediate assistance.  This really does make a huge difference when you are in a hurry, or you are eager to get your site started.


6.)  What are the negatives of this website builder?

I did not like the fact that I was going to be required to pay by year rather than by month.  Most website builders are going to give you the opportunity to pay monthly, bi-monthly, or yearly.  This site builder did not offer that option.


7.)  Is this site builder flash compatible?

This site builder is flash compatible, and you will be able to select from templates that are already designed and easy to edit.  You just need to enter the information that you find the most important, and go from there.  It is very easy.



The main downside to WebHostingHub website builder is that you need to pay for one year upfront, and cannot do so by the month. Other than that, it’s certainly one of the best site builders out there. So, if you are serious about your new site, and plan to make it more than just a business card, start their free trial now, and find out if this is the one for you.

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