VistaPrint Website Builder Review


As I continued my search for free website builders I came across vistaprint.  I was able to find that this site had a free trial that would last for one month.  This was one reason that I was interested in trying this site.  I really liked the fact that I was going to be able to test this site out for free and I was not going to be required to pay anything.  If there was one thing I have learned it is that you can learn a lot from a website builder in one month and this is a great way to try it out to see if you even want to use it.

I did find that you will need to go to the home page and then determine if you are a business or family in order to determine what type of services you are after.  This is because you are going to be available to take advantage of many different services with this site.  In fact you can create business cards, calendars, websites, and even posters.  The possibilities are endless and finding a site that offered all of this was new to me. However, I did find it very interesting as you were also going to be able to create business cards that would match your site.  This was definitely something new and unique and I had not seen this on other website builders before.

I decided that I was going to give this site builder a shot.  I selected the family option and then I selected website.  At that point I was taken to the page where I would be able to select the plan that I would want once my free trial was over.  I, of course, selected the basic plan as this was going to be the cheapest for me at approximately $5.00 a month.  I was going to be given a subdomain with this option.  This was not a problem for me because I already had a website and I did not need my own domain name.  However, you may want to consider a premium package where you are going to be given your own domain name if you want to be found online with ease and you want to appear professional.  If you are just creating a family website you may be alright with a subdomain like I was.

This was just one step that I was going to be required to follow during the membership process. I was also going to be able to establish the name of my website for my subdomain.  After that I was required to enter all of my billing information.  As much as I do not like doing this, I know enough to know that if I am not happy with this service I can cancel before the free trial is over and I will not receive a bill. I did like that I could be billed through paypal if I wanted.  This may be an option for you as well.

This screen shot is going to show you the different membership packages that you can select from. You can see that they are not very expensive at all and when compared with other website builders, these are really average prices. You can also see the differences with the number of pages you can have, the domain names, and even the storage space.

Once my account was set up things seemed to go much like other website builders I had used in the past. I was going to be able to select the website that I wanted by reviewing many different templates that were available.  This seemed to be very common but this site did have some different backgrounds that I had not seen on other website builders.  I was able to review them and find the one that was going to fit my needs the best.

This is just a simple screen shot of some of the different templates that you can select from. I noticed that some of the templates were different from other sites and I liked that. I get tired of looking at the same templates all of the time.

Everyone wants to know how easy it is to edit the site that you are interested in building.  I found that this site builder was very similar to others.  You simply need to click on the link that is going to be provided to you for your website dashboard.  Once you do, you are going to be taken to your site and you can edit your text, change photos, upload photos, etc as you see fit.  This is very easy and it is very similar to other sites that I had created before.

Here is a shot that shows you how you will be able to preview your site template to determine if you would like to go ahead with it or not. If you like it you can hit the continue button but if you are not happy with it you can hit the back button.

One good thing about this site builder is that you are going to be able to view a video that will walk you through the entire process, and that will include the editing process.  This is a short video but it is very informative and it is easy to follow.  I think that this is very nice because you can refer back to it if you need any assistance.  If you are really confused you will also be able to call a toll free number that will be available to you for customer support.  You will find that these individuals can be very helpful to you as well.

This shot shows that if you simply click on an area of your website and then make a select from the tool bar at the top you are going to be able to make any changes that you want. I really liked that you would be able to add a form if you wanted to and you would also be able to accept paypal payments right from this menu. Other sites made it more complicated to accept payments.

Finally, I was very happy to find a frequently asked questions section in relation to this website builder.  I always like to have access to this type of a page on the website because I have found that it answers a great many questions for me.  I like to review this page to see if I have forgotten anything and it also helps me to identify different services that I may not have been aware of.  The frequently asked questions page on this site was very helpful and it offered a great deal of information.  I found it to be very informative and helpful for me.


Frequently Asked Questions about Website Builders


1.)  Is this site free and what are the package prices for this site?

You will have the opportunity to use this site free for one month.  This is standard for many website builders that are going to offer you a free trial.  I like this because you are able to determine if you like the website builder before you pay for it every month.  You are going to be expected to pay $5.00 a month for the basic package and it will increase to up to $20.00 a month for a premium package.  These are relative prices when you look at other website builders and it is worth it when you look at many of the benefits you will have with each package.

2.)  How good is the free package compared to the packages that you can purchase?

The free trial is going to offer you all of the features that you are going to have when it comes to this site builder.  You are not going to be limited in any way when you use the free trial.  Once that is over you will be able to pick a plan that fits your needs.  For example, the basic plan will only give you 3 web pages but as you move up in plans, you are going to have more pages and more storage space.  You will also be able to link domain names to your site with the higher packages.  It all depends on your needs and what you are looking for.


3.)  Does it come with a hosting plan?

You will have free hosting with this website builder.  However, you are only going to be able to host websites that you have built with this website builder. You are not going to be able to host another site that you built somewhere else.  This may be important for some individuals to know.  It is nice to know that you are not going to be required to pay anything extra for hosting as it is included in the monthly plan you select once your free trial is over.


4.)  Do you get free support?

You can call a toll free service number if you need assistance.  You can also search the support section of the website to find any information that you may need.  However, a customer service representative will be pleased to help you if needed.


5.)  What are the benefits of this website builder?

I liked the fact that I was going to be able to watch a video based on this site builder.  I also liked that you could have business cards and other office supplies created to match your website.  This was really new to me and I really liked these features. I found this to be the most exciting part of this website builder.


6.)  What are the negatives of this website builder?

The homepage seemed very confusing to me and I did not like that.  I had to really spend some time searching for where I would go to start a website.  When I first arrived on this site I thought that they only sold office supplies.


7.)  Is the site builder flash compatible?

You can create an entire gallery of photos and such on this site if you would like to.  This is wonderful if you are building a site for your family because you can upload photos and videos of your children.  This also adds a great deal of spunk to your site if you are business and it helps others remember your site. It helps you stand out.


I liked many of the features that this website builder had such as the matching business cards and such.  However, I found it to be very confusing until you actually found out where you needed to be and then started working on your site.  Once you have found the location where you can build a site you are going to find yourself moving along just like you would with other website builders.  You will find that this site builder is very easy to follow, even if you are new to it.

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