website builder software (downloadable)

Most website builders allow you to start creating your website from the moment you visit them. Others ask you to download software, a simple enough task, in order to get started. While most people prefer the first option, some are quite happy to download something, so here is a selection of those from which to choose.
Some website builders that require you to download software do not charge but others do, sometimes after a limited free trial. This is OK if you decide that the one you pay for meets your needs but, if there’s a choice between a paid-for package and a free one, most would prefer not to pay, at least while they are simply reviewing the various options. You also need to be aware that not all of these website builders allow you to keep your website forever once you have paid; some of them ask you to commit to a plan involving monthly or annual payments.

Once you have downloaded the software, these website builders are not much different from any of the others, apart from the fact that you will not be able to see a preview of your website, and you will also need to pay for hosting to ensure that you can be found on the internet. Some of them provide hosting, for others you will need to look elsewhere, and pay a further charge. Most of them offer a reasonable range of templates and design options, Flash, tutorials, and, in some cases, free support. Some do not automatically provide templates; you have to download them, which is a bit of a disadvantage, if all you want to do is get on with building your site with the minimum of fuss.

If you choose one of these website builders, you will, after having downloaded software and reviewed their charges, end up with your own website, but there are less complicated ways to achieve this, especially if you just want to get your website up and running as soon as possible.

Website X5 is the best website builder software that I reviewed so far. It provides beautiful templates, great customer support and a very easy to use software. It is not as easy to preview your site as online website builders, but this is common to all website building software. You get free hosting and domain name with the purchase of the full package (only 59,95£ for life). You can try the software for free but you won't get access to all the templates, and you won't be able to publish the site unless you purchase hosting somewhere else. If you insist on getting a software, I think Website X5 is your safe choice. stats

If you don't mind downloading a software BlueVoda is a site builder you should check out. It is easy to use although others out there are more easy. The site building process is very intuitive and if you get in trouble they have help videos all around. The veriaty of templates is OK. Overall the main negative is that you have to download a software. The rest is really all you could expect from a website maker.

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ewisoft is probably one of the most old website builders out there. Or at least it seems like it. You will need to download a software, unlike most popular site builders that are available online. You have a free trial but later you will need to purchase the software for at least $40 and a template will cost the same. Hosting is not included and the user interface is not tasteful. You can do better.

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wysiwyg web builder is probably the most difficult website builder I ever worked with. It's a downloadable software and looks somehow similar to MS word. You can play around and eventually understand what you got to do but most other site builders make it much easier. Plus, you don't get hosting and you need to download templates separately. A domain name is also something you will need to purchase by yourself with this site builder. Overall, this site builder is not for someone who's new to building sites.

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A4DeskPro is a flash website builder software and I think that's the only downloadable website builder that uses flash and not HTML. Reasons for low rating are: You need to download a software. If I can do everything online, I rather do that. Prices are too high - $50 for 1 site per month. For a life time license you need to pay around $280. The templates you can work with are really not that great. They offer a free trial so if you still insist, you can try it.