Online Website Builders

Most website builders offer a reasonably straightforward way for users to build their own website with the minimum of fuss, which is perfect for the beginner and those who are not familiar with this aspect of the internet. Some, however, require you to download software onto your computer before allowing you to proceed; many people are surprised by this and reluctant to download what is, to them, something unknown. Those that do ask you to download their software offer a good service, but there are easier ways to start building a website.

Building your website online without having to download anything makes the whole process much simpler and, of course, quicker. After all, if you are just browsing the various website builders to find out which one would best suit you, you won’t want to start adding things to your computer that you may not need. You could end up with a number of downloads that are completely unnecessary.

Online website building means that you can see immediately what design options are available, you can browse the templates offered, find out if they include Flash, let you add your own photos or have a choice of professional ones, and investigate the website builders’ support facility, if they have one. You will also be able to find out about their paid-for packages, too, before you decide to commit to anything. If you decide that a particular one is not for you, you can simply move on to another one.

Most online website builders help you through the process in the quickest way possible. It is in their interests to attract you to their particular website builder, so they will want you to feel ‘at home’ with their service.

Wix is probably the most popular website builder out there. It offers hundreds of beautiful templates to choose from. There are templates for almost every kind of site, but wix is the most popular for people, like photographers, wedding site makers, artists, and so on, who are looking for really impressive designs. Note: even when Wix wasn't in first position it was still our users' most-used site builder.

Technical details:
  • Brand new HTML5 templates
  • Free (!)
  • Very easy to use
  • Free support 24/7
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Squarespace claims to make it easy for anyone to create an extraordinary site, and I agree. Squarespace offers great templates and very unique designs that you won't find anywhere else. The site editor itself is very easy to use and, if you get into trouble, they have great video guides. I think photographers, artists, bands, and all those other people who want their websites to look totally unique, are going to find this one perfect. You can try it for free for thirty days, so you can experience it and build your site for free. UPDATE: SquareSpace and now offering an ecommerce solution so you can also start selling products through your website.

Weebly is totally free of charge (unless you want to buy a domain). I found it to be one of the easiest website builders ever made. They offer free hosting, and there are tons of themed templates to choose from. The support there is great, and if you get into trouble building your site, help will come! One of the best things about it is that you don't have to place ads on your site in order to keep it free (unlike some other website builders). Overall, it's a great website builder, especially for bloggers.

WebHostingHub offers a website builder as a complementary service to their main hosting service. Nevertheless, WebHostingHub website builder is definitely one of the top three site builders. It offers great website templates, great editing features, including a custom animated flash intro(!), and a really fair price of $7 per month (or less if you order hosting for three years). With this price you also get a free domain, the option to create more than one site, unlimited emails and bandwidth, and great support. I don't think any other site builder offers what WebHostingHub offers. NEW! I was able to get you a discount so go to our coupons section and collect your webhostinghub coupon.

Imcreator is a free website creator with really nice templates that look very professional and not old fashioned as in other website builders. You can create your own site under subdomain, totally free, and it will be compatible with all devices, including mobile phones. If you decide to use your own domain, you can pay for the basic package which is $8 a month. A fair price compared to other site builders, and for the solution you get. SEO and analytics are included. This is one of the easiest site builders I used so far, and you should definitely check it out.

REVIEW WEBSITE: was recently launched and is already turning into the next big thing in the industry. As their straight forward domain says, they are offering a free website creation. You can build your own free site and it would do a great job with the limitations of 5 pages and 1000 users per month. Most of you won't need more than that. Try it - it's FREE:)

REVIEW WEBSITE: has great website templates. Some of them cost money, but they are truly professional. With a new site design, netiDnow seems to getting serious with their website builder, and they might end up in the top spot in our next round of reviews and ratings. Their site editor section is really easy to follow, and they offer, from within the interface, a couple of great features, including an SEO package. You can also build an online store with netiDnow. They have a free trial feature, so it's well worth trying out.

This site builder is on the top but is not #1 just because there are other website builders with better looking templates. Other than that webstarts is a perfectly good website builder with great support, free hosting and great prices including a free trial. With just $5 you can get your own domain (without the attached to it). You should definitely try it out and check out their templates.

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I have reviewed many website builders and this is one of the best. It offers everything you need from free hosting, vast collections of pre-designed templates to start work with and a great and easy to follow website builder interface where you can customize your chosen template to look like the site you always dreamt of. This site offers a free 7 days trial so you should definitely check it out and note yourself to cancel if you don't like it.

Big Commerce website builder is made only for online store creation. Using Big Commerce you can build your own store with all the features you dreamt of + you will be able to accept all credit cards. It might be dfficult at first as I've seen easier site builders with better UI but if you take it easy and use their wonderful support you can come up with a great online store. The main issue here is the price which is high, but if you are serious about your business it might work out for the best.

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Moonfruit website builder offers a lot of really cool templates and has a wide veriaty of them. With the free packages in Moonfruit you are limited to 15 pages that will be find under a moonfruit subdomain (e.g In order to move to the next level you will need to purchase the basic package for $6 a month. This is a really good price compare to other site builders I reviewed so far. Another really cool thing is the Adwords voucher you can get with every purchased package.

TalkSpot offers a lot of great templates, great customer service and it's very easy to use. Free domain with purchased packages and free hosting with any package. The site editing section might be the easiest from all the website builders I reviewed so far. Just try it and you'll see what I mean.

REVIEW WEBSITE: really stepped up during 2012 and added templates and features that make them stand proudly among the best website builders we reviewed. Their website builder is free forever (unless you want your own domain) and is very easy to use. You get analytics and many more features with your great looking website. Try it out.

Basekit offers great templates and their user interface is one of the easiest and most beautiful I've seen yet. They offer a free trial for 2 weeks, and after that the price is just $10 a month and for $20 you can even sell products on your new website. BaseKit keep changing and improving all the time and are now one of the best HTML5 website builders out there.

Volusion in an ecommerce website builder. You will find many of their great templates in our ecommerce website templates section. They will try to sell you premium templates for extra money, but their regular templates are really good, and you can definitely make it without their premium ones. Other ecommerce site builders offer their starter package for less (this one is $19 per month) but, on the other hand, Volusion offers a really easy way to add and display products (as seen in the screenshot in the full review). The features your store can have won't be found anywhere else; really. Unfortunately, you will not get a domain with the package, and this is something that will cost you extra.