BlueVoda Review

Bluevoda is definitely one way that you can go if you are serious about creating your own website.  I used this website in order to learn more about it.  I found that the homepage for the bluevoda website builder was very friendly and it seemed to draw me in and get me excited about building my site.  There was even a video that I could watch that helped walk me through just how easy the entire process was going to be.  When I was finished watching that video I just needed to enter my name and email address in order to start the process.

BlueVoda homepage. You will need to enter a valid email address so that you can have the download link sent to you so that you are able to get started.

Before I actually entered my information I spent a little bit of time look the main home page of Bluevoda over.  I wanted to see what they were going to be able to offer me before I actually decided to download the website builder onto my computer.  Ask I scrolled around on the pages I noticed that this website builder claimed to be the very easy click and drag format like other website builders I had used in the past.  I was very happy about this.  The homepage also stated that there would be any website templates for me to work from.  I was becoming rather use to this aspect of many website builders.  That made it very easy to build and site and I really liked looking through the templates.  I was ready to give this website builder a shot and I was ready to enter my information.

Right here you can see many of the different features that are offered on this website builder. It is easy to see that you can click and drag. It is also stated there that you would have website templates to look at and this is what made me happy. I also liked the fact that I was able to go live with my website in just a few seconds.

Therefore, did exactly as I was asked and I entered my name and my email address so that the company could send me the download link that I needed.  I then had to go to my email account in order to retrieve the link.  I found out very early in the process that I was not going to be able to go very far on this site, and I was not going to be able to build my own website, if I did not follow the instructions and download this program on my computer.  You can see what the page should look like once you have clicked on the link that is sent to you.  When you get to this download page you are going to know that you are on the right track and you are going to be able to create a great site in no time.

When you open your email and you click on the link that has been mailed to you, this is the page that you will be sent to. As you can see, the directions are right there and you are going to be able to follow them step by step in order to build your site.

The instructions were to the tee and they were very easy to follow.  I was able to download all that I needed in no time.  It literally took seconds and I was on my way to building a great site.  As I processed through the process I noticed that the process really was click and drag and this was a relief as well.  After reviewing so many different website builders, I was finding that some of them did not offer all that they said they would or they were not as simple and as easy to edit as I would have liked.  However, bluevoda was fulfilling all of its statements. I was simply up to me to determine what I wanted to my site to look like and say.  I could take my time and do whatever I wanted.  I was truly able to create a unique site that was all my own.

As I worked on my site I found that I was able to click on a link and get customer support as needed.  Now, I did not need any customer support while I was building my site but I would imagine that some larger business owners may find that they would need support every now and then.  They would be able to get assistance as needed.  While this was nice, I did not like the fact that I was going to need to do all of this communication through the internet.  Sometimes it is very nice to have someone that you can speak to in order to clarify the things that you might not understand.

Frequently Asked Questions about Website Builders


1.)  Is this site free and what are the package prices for this site?


Most people will like the fact that this site builder is free.  However, you need to realize that even though it states that you are able to publish your website in seconds, you are going to need to purchase a webhosting account through VodaHost if you want to make your website seen on the internet.  However, it might be worth the price because this website builder is going to let you run your website free of ads that other website builders would post all over your site.  You are not going to need to worry about free advertising on your site when you use Bluevoda.


2.)  How good is the free package compared to the packages that you can purchase?

There are no packages with this website builder.  You are going to be able to build as many sites as you would like.  And, as previously mentioned, you are not going to worry about advertising on your site.  Just remember that you are going to need to pay for a web hosting account for any of the sites that you build if you are going to want them to be seen on the internet.  That is where your money is going to be spent.


3.)  Does it come with a hosting plan?

You will need to pay for a hosting plan as mentioned above.  I even received an email where I was able to set up my hosting plan.  It was as easy as simply opening that email and following the instructions that were given.  I was able to select from a few different options to decide how I wanted to go about this process.  VodaHost was able to establish a domain name for me, I was able to transfer a domain name that I already had or I could register a new domain name.  I did not do these things as I was simply reviewing this site builder.  However, you will want to make sure that you are registering a new domain name for your site so that you can be recognized on the internet.  It helps you be seen as a professional and it helps others take your business seriously.


4.)  Do you get free support?

As far as support goes, individuals that use this website builder are going to be able to watch numerous videos that are going to be of great assistance to individuals that do not know what they are doing, or that are trying things for the first time.  When you use this site you are also going to be able to click on a link for web support 24 hours a day.


5.)  What are the benefits of this website builder?

The largest benefit of this website builder that I found was the fact that individuals had access to all of the different videos.  They were very helpful and even though I was not really new to building a website, I was able to learn a few different things by watching them.  I also really liked all of the different customers that posted their own reviews on the site so that I was able to read through them to see what others like myself had to say about the site.


6.)  What are the negatives of this website builder?

I did not like the fact that I needed to download a program onto my computer in order to begin building my website.  Even though it was very quick and it did not take long, or was not difficult, this is the first website builder I have ever found that required me to do this and I did not like it at all.  It just seemed like a lot of back and forth that could be avoided.


7.)  Is bluevoda flash compatible?

You can place flash on your websites when you use this site builder.  If you are not really sure about how to do this then you can even watch a video that will guild and direct you.  It is very easy and it is a great way to make your website appear more professional and unique.  Just make sure that you are not overloading your site with videos.

Overall, this site will do the job for you.  The numerous videos were really nice to have accessible to you and they were very helpful as well.  I think that the website builder would have been much better if I simply had to create a log in and then I was able to begin without downloading a program first.  This website does have a lot of templates to select from and the click and drag option is wonderful and easy but this is not my favorite site builder out there.

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